About us

Zen Apartments are distinctive developments from Cutting Edge Infrastructure, that beautifully integrate contemporary architecture with innovative designs for refined city living.

‘Zen’ in Japanese means meditation, from where was derived the essence of creating homes that are not just brick structures, but adobes that enable the connection with inner self for a peaceful living. Occupying prime locations and yet providing a tranquil retreat within the heart of South Delhi, these premium residences consist of independent floors that comprise single level, three or four-bedroom apartments. Each individual apartment has been bestowed with its own private outside space in the form of balconies and in select cases, also terrace gardens wherever applicable. Cutting Edge Infrastructure has ensured that Zen Apartments offers the best in modern living through architecturally stunning and well thought out designs incorporating the elements of space, light and nature in perfect harmony.

Key Features  

  • Prime affluent locations in South Delhi.
  • State of the art architecture conceived using the best of modern technology and interior designing concepts specified to the highest standard
  • Exclusive attached open spaces like balconies & in select cases, terrace gardens wherever applicable
  • Stylish kitchens combining modular concepts with exquisite stones and quality products.
  • Secure parking facilities available with identified car parks for each apartment within the apartment complexes.
  • Excellent connectivity to all parts of Delhi NCR, through any transport network via roads or metro.
  • Easily accessible from nearest Metro Stations and  in proximity to Hospital, Retail Markets, Schools, Malls, Railway Stations and Airport.